3CE Soft Matte Lipstick in Amazone

3CE Soft Matte Lipstick
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3CE Soft Matte Lipstick is a matte lipstick from 3CE brand thathas a smooth, light lip color, good color adhesion, does not dry lips or reveal lips, creating smooth lips effect. Natural matte, long lasting lipstick effect.

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3CE Soft Matte Lipstick
3CE Soft Matte Lipstick

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3CE Soft Matte Lipstick  is now available at Amazone . It has outstanding features such as:

– 3CE Soft Matte Lipstick is part of the newly launched Clear Layer Edition collection of 3CE brand.

– The lipstick has a very special new improved design with a transparent plastic shell design like glass, creating a feeling of clarity and purity but no less luxurious and beautiful.

– Matte lipstick, when applied to the lips, it feels smooth and light

– Lipstick does not dry lips, does not powder or clumpy and feels smooth and comfortable

– Creates a natural and soft matte lip effect

– Good color fastness, color retention for a long time

– Diverse lipstick palette, including 10 lipstick colors with dominant red and orange colors, in which: Red Muse orange red, Holy Chic red cold pink, Speak To Me earth red brown, Smoke Pink coral pink, Murmuring nude pink, Kind & Love in nude orange, Warming Wear in mandarin orange, Focus On Me in coral orange, Giving Pleasure in brick and Over It in burnt orange.

– Currently Skinfood World has the following colors:

#Focus On Me: Coral orange

#Murmuring: Pink nude

#Warming Wear: fresh orange

#Speak To Me: Reddish brown

#Smoke Pink: Smokey Pink 

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