Top 15 famous and most used lipstick brands 2023

Top 15 famous and most used lipstick brands 2023
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As a woman, owning a lipstick is always familiar and necessary. Therefore, choosing the right lipstick still makes many of us have a headache. Don’t worry, Inet-Mark will help you synthesize the most famous and most used lipstick brands today through the following article.

Top 15 famous and most used lipstick brands today
Top 15 famous and most used lipstick brands today

Top 15 famous and most used lipstick brands today

The increasingly modern society comes with the need to express their own style. Thanks to that, all women in the world can enhance their appearance by using makeup lines .

In particular, lipstick is an indispensable item in every girl’s bag. Son becomes a powerful weapon to help you feel more confident in any situation. Even if you have a bare face, just a light layer of lipstick will be a bright highlight to highlight the contours of your face.

In order to choose for yourself a beautiful lipstick, safe quality, reasonable price, Hai Trieu Watch will synthesize a list of famous and most used lipstick brands today through the following article.

1. 3CE

The first brand in the list of the most famous lipstick brands today is 3CE. This is a mid-range best lipstick suitable for all subjects with beauty needs.

3CE lipsticks originating from Korea are designed with an extremely diverse and eye-catching color palette that makes this brand always create a trend that does not match with other famous lipstick brands.

In terms of quality, you will surely be surprised because 3CE has a smooth, liquid matte lipstick that is easy to spread without being dry or clumpy. Feeling extremely light, especially the grip lasts up to 6 hours. You can comfortably play, eat and still keep the lip tint.

3CE’s most prominent lipstick line is Velvet Lip Tint, there are also other lines such as: 3CE Blurring Liquid Lip Delicate Soul, 3CE Blur Water Tint, 3CE Cloud Lip Tint…


Among the famous Korean lipstick brands today, Bbia is preferred by the majority of women because of the quality and price of a lipstick that is extremely affordable even for students.

Bbia focuses on producing matte cream lipsticks with high adhesion and good coverage, so the lipstick will be a bit thick. This is also a famous lipstick brand with an eye-catching hot trend color palette. Bbia’s design is both convenient and luxurious, the long round shape combined with the copper gold lip cap exudes elegance when holding it in hand.

Bbia does not release many lipstick lines with different names but only improves from version 1 to better versions. Up to now, Bbia has released up to 7 versions corresponding to 33 lipstick colors.


Black Rouge is a cult name in the most famous lipstick brands in the world. This is a national lipstick line that combines tint and matte lipstick, so the company ensures that the lipstick will keep the color well on the lips but still create a smooth, easy-to-spread gloss.

The color palette is designed to lean more towards warmer tones such as red, burnt orange, etc., so it will be a slight minus point for those who love variety. The brush tip is gradually smaller from the foot to the nose like a leaf to help get the lipstick without too much excess.

The big plus of this famous Black Rouge lipstick is the extremely standard color. Lips with dark rims will be completely fixed. Some models you can refer to such as: Air Fit Velvet Tint, Rose Velvet Lipstick, Cotton Lip Color …


Referring to the most famous lipstick brands today, it is absolutely impossible to ignore the name Merzy that causes a fever among young people. In recent years, Merzy became a phenomenon thanks to the diverse eye-catching mid-line released, not duplicated.

If you are looking for a famous genuine lipstick line, don’t miss this Merzy Blue Velvet Tint Season 3 Holiday Limited Edition .

With the average price, you can own an extremely luxurious and super quality Merzy. From the shell to the smooth, ultra-long-wearing lipstick that will captivate you at first sight.

In the versions, Merzy Blue Velvet Tint Season 3 Holiday Limited Edition was sold out when it was released. The lipstick case has an extremely trendy on-trend blue color, holds it firmly in the hand, and is supplemented with a serum to help nourish the lips more. In addition, you can refer to other lipstick lines such as: Another Me The First Lipstick, Bite The Beat Mellow Tint, The First Velvet Tint …


One of the other famous Korean lipstick brands is Innisfree. This is a prominent brand with many different beauty products such as skin care, make-up, make-up… In which, lipstick is also a strength that always has a series of sold-out products. 

Innisfree’s products mainly put quality first, so the lipstick shell is designed to be simple and not fussy, the body color will match that lipstick color inside. The lipstick has a pleasant smell and is introduced by the company that only uses natural ingredients.

Say no to colorants, animal ingredients, ethanol, mineral oil, parabens… Therefore, if you’re looking for a well-known safe brand, Innisfree is the best choice. Some lipstick lines can be referred to as: Creamy Tint Lipstick, Real Fit Lipstick, Creammellow Lipstick …


Next in the list of the most famous lipstick brands in the world, we will come to the high-end American lipstick lines, showing the luxury of women, which is Dior – a leading French brand.

Dior is a familiar name in the fashion industry , now encroaching on cosmetics, quality and price are not simple. The company’s products are attached to high-end, so the design is extremely delicate, the color palette is diverse for many ages. The super lipstick helps the lips to always be glossy, the color stickiness is up to 10-12 hours depending on the product line.

Because of the famous brand, the price of a Dior lipstick is not low, suitable for those who can afford it. Its four main lipstick lines are: Dior Addict Lip Glow, Diorific, Dior Rouge and Dior Addict. 


If you are wondering about the price of high-end American lipsticks, Loreal will make you decide to bring one back. Son Loreal originated in France as a luxurious and lovely girl suitable for romantic dates. 

This is also one of the best rated famous lipstick brands today. The lipstick when applied to the lips does not dry out thanks to the ingredients containing vitamin E, nourishing oil, the color stickiness is up to 8-9 hours.

Loreal is very focused on the age of customers, most other famous lipstick brands will follow the new lipstick trend, but Loreal still retains the same lipstick design style that focuses on middle age such as: dark pink, red. pure, dark brown, light pink…

Some Loreal lipstick lines you can refer to such as: Paris Infallible Le Rouge, Paris Color Riche Matte Lipstick, Paris Rouge Magique …

8. YSL

Continuing in the top of the famous lipstick brands is the YSL lipstick brand. Mentioning YSL, people immediately think of two high-class words, derived from a fashion brand, so YSL’s lipstick has many advantages from design to inner lipstick.

YSL always ensures that its lipsticks are made from natural, lead-free ingredients that are absolutely safe for customers. The lipstick’s appearance shows its class with a gold-plated square design with the company’s logo coated with a mirror coating along the body. Lipstick colors are also released suitable for many different ages.

The price of YSL lipstick is quite moderate compared to the high-end lipstick of the same type, you can refer to some of the following models: YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim, Pur Couture The Mats, YSL Tatouage Couture…

9. MAC

Among the famous lipstick brands, MAC is one of the best-selling brands in the world. MAC lipstick belongs to a high-end cosmetic line that is trusted and chosen by many people. Every girl must have at least one MAC lipstick in her makeup closet.

MAC is famous for its traditional design of compact bullet-shaped lipsticks, easy to carry everywhere. MAC gives users a rich lipstick experience, smooth, light, low lead and pleasant scent.

The price of the product is not too expensive, suitable for customers’ pockets, so MAC becomes the first choice when buying lipstick. Some typical MAC lipstick lines such as: Matte, Satin, Mineralize Rich Lipstick …


Continuing to top the famous lipstick brands, it is impossible not to mention the king Chanel in the world fashion village. Chanel is a high-end brand with long-standing origin from France, not only famous for handbags and clothes ,but Chanel lipstick is also very popular with the aristocratic girl. 

The Chanel lipstick case is designed with a simple glossy black design that has its own subtle imprint not to be confused with other brands, and comes with a lightweight, soft lipstick that stays on for 6-7 hours.

In addition to outstanding lipstick lines such as: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine … the most famous lipstick line of Chanel is Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet.


Another popular brand in famous lipstick brands that help women have more choices is Maybelline. Until now, Maybelline is considered a genuine lipstick brand famous for its extremely high color staying power up to 12 hours compared to other competitors.

In addition to lipstick, Maybelline also leads the beauty industry with cosmetics such as foundation, eyeliner, mascara … that are affordable for every girl’s pocket. Maybelline lipstick, though matte but soft, especially without smell, still creates radiance on the face.

Buying a Maybelline lipstick is extremely easy when it is available in all supermarkets. Products ensure the criteria both beautiful and cheap. You can refer to the following Maybelline lipstick models: Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink, Maybelline Creamy Matte Color Lipstick, Maybelline Creamy Matte Color Lipstick…


Tom Ford – the big man in the US fashion industry has now also entered the lipstick market. Like Dior or YSL, Tom Ford quickly became a luxury and high-class craze for ladies. 

Tom Ford lipstick scores at first glance because the lipstick shell is designed in a square shape with the main black tone combined with a luxurious copper border. The ingredients in the lipstick contain many lip balms such as chamomile essential oil, soja seeds, macadamia nuts, etc. to create a smooth feeling when applied to the lips.

Tom Ford lipstick is loved by many middle-aged ladies, some popular lines such as: Ultra Rich Lip Color, Lip Color Matte, Lip Color Sheer, Satin Matte Lip Color …


If you are bored with famous lipstick brands from the US or Korea, next, Hai Trieu Watch will suggest you the most trusted, cheap domestic lipstick lines. Starting with the Chinese domestic cosmetics company – Perfect Diary was established in 2017.

Despite being a domestic lipstick line, Perfect Diary is used and appreciated by many young people. Perfect Diary has a luxurious design that is not inferior to popular lipstick brands with a very feminine long gold-plated lipstick shell that lasts up to 8 hours.

The biggest plus of the famous Perfect Diary lipstick is the easy-to-use release color that is suitable for Asian skin tones. Some of the most popular colors are: 915 – Dynamic Red, 937 – Cherry Pink, 905 – Burnt Orange…


It is proud that even Vietnam has a domestic brand in the top of famous cheap lipstick brands at home and abroad, which is Ofelia cosmetics. Founded by hot Youtube Changmakeup, Ofelia launches many beauty products such as cushion, mascara, foundation …

In which lipstick is evaluated extremely well with the prospect of reaching out internationally. The lipstick is contained in a transparent plastic packaging with a light texture to help you hold it firmly in your hand and see the lipstick inside more clearly.

Ofelia has a variety of bright colors that make it easy for you to choose from nude, peach orange, earth red to bright red, burnt orange …

15. SHU

Ending the list of famous lipstick brands, let’s come to Japan to learn about the most popular Shu brand in Asia. Lead-free lipstick is safe for users, so Shu’s price is also slightly higher than domestic lipstick brands.

When it comes to Japan, people will immediately think of the best quality, so Shu brings customers high-quality lipsticks, soft lips, gentle scents and solid designs. In Shu’s palette, there are two best-selling colors: Magenta – RD144, Pure Red – RD163.


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